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At The Innovation Company Pty Ltd we know innovation.

We are a professional consulting company that works with organisations to drive growth, achieve more value from their assets and resources and deliver more for their customers.  Our focus is on delivering a full set of consulting and implementation services to enable innovation to make an impact and deliver business value for our clients.

Many of our consultants have run their own businesses, have first-hand knowledge and skills in building and operating organisations from high tech, knowledge rich and not for profit organisations.  They are high-performing, talented and diverse and have a passion for solving problems from the simplest to the most complex.

With an investment mindset, we work with our clients to customise innovation strategies that will drive business growth.


Realising the full potential of innovation for driving organisational development, growth and productivity.


At The Innovation Company we aim to give organisations the confidence and support to continually use innovation to improve management and growth.


Whether you’re growing your business, wanting to get more efficiency out of resources or need to stay relevant in a shifting marketplace, we can help you consistently manage the right innovation journey that will get you there.

You’ll find details about how we work together below and in Services.


As consultants we:

  • Firstly, understand the organisation, its business, their customers and what you want it to be and to whom.
  • Work hand in hand with clients to assist them to drive business growth through an innovation management journey.
  • Contribute to unified business growth strategies across a range of phases involving vision and mission, roadmaps, business and strategy plans, innovation leadership and management, growth opportunity identification, analyses, implementation, deployment and transfer to operations.
  • Maintain an investment mindset focus and alignment of business needs, process, people, technology and innovation opportunities during the lifecycle of innovation execution and business growth translation.
  • Provide day-to-day guidance through the technical and organisational challenges and risks of innovation led business growth.


The Innovation Company’s five core values represent the principles and beliefs that guide us.  These values are mentored from the top and reflected in employees and contractors’ decisions and actions every day.

Genuine and integrity


One of the most important aspects of business is authenticity and honesty. Everyone dealing with The Innovation Company expects a certain standard of communication and they will judge whether they can trust us almost immediately.

It is crucial that when company representatives interact with our customers and suppliers, we make certain that communication is genuine.


Consistent with being genuine is our core value of integrity where our team members show consistent and uncompromising adherence to strong moral and ethical principles and values.

company core value - relentless | innovative services


The people who work for The Innovation Company are relentless in their responsibilities.  The determined pursuit to achieve our customer needs gives us a point of difference and a unique selling point.



At The Innovation Company we don’t just want to be good, we want to be excellent.   Our culture of excellence means our team works to the best of their ability, all the time.

The Innovation company passion as core value


At The Innovation Company we love what we do, we care deeply about our customers and have a laser focus to improving our customers business.  We put the right people in the right job and create a great work environment that allows our team to perform with passion.