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Innovation is not new
Its power to drive business growth is well known but that doesn’t mean it's easy

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Ever since the late 18th century when organisations began, innovation has been used to drive better performance and growth.  Innovation strategies back then were relatively simple to develop and implement.  Today, in our technology based fast-paced society, designing strategy and implementing an innovation process with an investment mindset is a highly specialised skill. It cannot be done in an ad hoc way or restricted to discrete business units such as ideas generation, research and development or product ideation and development.

Innovation that delivers a return on investment is not easy, even for organisations skilled in the art. It requires a whole of organisation business risk approach integrating and analysing changing knowledge on markets, technology and organisation elements of mission, goals, administration, resources and finance.

Studies have clearly demonstrated that organisations that are consistently successful at implementing innovation outperform their competitors in terms of growth and performance.

What do you want your business to be?
Managed innovation can get you there but it is not just about ideas;
it is about exploiting change in a disciplined manner.

An organisation is formed to fulfil a purpose.  Its purpose usually has commercial, social or government goals.  Goal achievement is done through organised efforts of individuals to produce and sell goods and services.  This is the business.

The organisation’s purpose is delivered to markets made up of customers. The very nature of markets means they are always changing.   Innovation is a tool and when used by organisations in a specific , strategic and planned way they can exploit this change in their quest for growth.

In order to minimise risk in your return on investment, the consistent application of the innovation tool is best used in a disciplined way within the whole structure of the business. Successful innovation practices can be learned.

Innovation is a dynamic mixture of purpose, vision, passion, energy, enthusiasm, insight, intelligence, judgement and risk.  Innovation done without discipline and a suitable business strategy tied into the business goals can lead to business distraction and lack of effective change.

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At The Innovation Company, our consultants work side by side with an organisation to implement all or selected services within our innovation system.  Some of these services include:

  • Working at the top of a company including boards, to deepen their awareness of and increase their confidence in, innovation as a specific growth tool. It is well known that organisations that do not invest in innovation but their future at risk.
  • Business Plan review
  • Working with executives and management to creating innovation strategies which tie in with their business purpose and goals.
  • Innovation workshops with staff and customers looking for change opportunities and improved business ideas
  • Translation consulting to turn the innovation strategy into reality
  • Risk management consulting and working with the unknown
  • Market research aimed at identifying new business opportunities
  • Specialist presentations on business growth through collaborations, social media and so on.
  • Innovation training and culture improvement
  • Mentorship programs
HOW ARE WE DIFFERENT? | innovative services


We use innovation as a tool specifically applied with an investment mindset to improve business performance.

Many of our consultants have operated their own high tech, manufacturing, knowledge based or service businesses and have relied on using innovation tools to do so.

We have significant experience in monetizing intellectual property assets.